About Parkbury & Dunn

Mr. ParkburyMr. Parkbury has been an avid watch collector since the day his father, a former pilot for the RAF, handed him his beloved Omega Reference 2777-1.  After university, Parkbury moved to the Jura region of Switzerland where he apprenticed for the revered Monsieur Wermeille.  A formidable watch hunter, he is seen just as often at world-class watch auctions as he is at small back-alley watch shops haggling with the shopkeeper.  Mr. Parkbury’s interests outside of watches are racing and flying, and his knowledge of vintage watches is legendary.



Mr. DunnMr. Dunn's infatuation with watches started because of his parents' antique shop in Colchester, Essex.  From a young age, Dunn was put in charge of servicing and repairing old Swiss & German watches for the shop and thus gained a deep knowledge of balances & escapements.  His love of the East took him to Japan where he spent some years in the Shinjuku area of Tokyo as a young watch salesman.  An accomplished adventurer, Mr. Dunn's hobbies include deep sea diving and mountain climbing; activities he never partakes in without his trusted Seiko MarineMaster & Explorer 1016, respectively.  His favorite watch is, ofcourse, the panda dial Daytona.


About our company 

Just like our clientele, first & foremost we are watch lovers and enthusiasts.  We scour the world to acquire watches that are already rare and difficult to find.  Then, we enhance them even further by either hand-engraving them or by pairing the watches with exquisitely hand-crafted straps of the highest quality.  Our strict criteria in curating watches ensures that our timepieces are of the most excellent standard and are visually stunning.